Progress How To

Using The Website

1 ) Click on location

The menu at the top of the website will take you to the different locations the Queen stopped at during her journey across Norfolk and Suffolk.

2 ) Enjoy the video

Click to watch the video on youtube or watch on the site. Some mobile devices may require you to open the video in the youtube app for the vr to work.

3 ) Download resources

There is a selection of pdf files including tasks & questions themed around each location.

The Classroom Session

Resources To Download

There is useful information to download including the Progress Calendar and Map, Key Stage 3 and GCSE themed questions.

The VR Only Task Sheets contain questions about interactive elements that can only be found using the POP headsets.

There is an option to download Screen Only Task sheets, these can be used with the films on the website or by using your own VR headset.
(see below for more information)

Watching in VR