Immerse yourself in an Elizabethan adventure

On 11 July 1578, Queen Elizabeth I set off from her royal palace in Greenwich on her unique royal progress which would see an immense throng of people, including her royal household and foreign ambassadors, journey North. They travelled across East Anglia to her destination, Norwich, Norfolk. During the progress intriguing privy council meetings took place, magnificent feasts, and pageantry. 

We have two very exciting programmes available:

Putting on a Pageant 1578

An Online primary school learning programme

Putting on a Pageant 1578 is an online primary school heritage education programme. On this site you will find a range of easy-to-use Google Slides and downloadable resources for each session. Each session Google Slide includes a series of film clips, activities and recaps. The teacher simply clicks through each slide page to enjoy and complete the session with their pupils. All session resources are downloadable/printable from the POP 1578 website including teaching guidance for each session, lesson plans, aims and objectives, pre-written letter templates as well as engaging tasks to send home.

Putting on a Progress 1578

An immersive secondary school learning programme

Putting on a Progress 1578: An Immersive Experience will plunge people in to the key moments of the progress told by real actors in authentic Elizabethan rooms. Using virtual reality technology, audiences will enter an Elizabethan world where they will bear witness to privy council conversations and watch royal entertainment. You will be challenged to find several ‘hot spots’ to access links to delve deeper into the fascinating history of 1578. The films will be available on quality VR headsets which will be available to hire free of charge. Each experience will be complemented by a downloadable activity pack on this website.