Terms and Conditions

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Putting on a Pageant 1578 has been created and is managed by Curious Spark who will make every effort to accommodate the needs of your school, its children and  teachers. Curious Spark will ensure this project will be delivered with the greatest efficiency, online safety and maximum impact.

Below are the key terms and conditions that apply to Curious Spark’s partnership with your school. 

School Committment

School senior management, class teachers and any staff with parent coordination  responsibility should commit to participating  in a reasonable number of planning and  plenary sessions with the programme to ensure it’s efficient delivery. Class teachers and support staff should be permitted and supported by school senior management to: 

  • Undertake in the Teacher Guidance sessions that form part of the programme – Have time to download, print out and prepare any required session resources freely provided by the POP 1578 programme
  • Have time to complete the simple evaluation process at the end of the POP 1578 programme with students parents/ carers and school staff. 
Dedicated Contact 

Both Curious Spark and your school commit  to providing a single dedicated point of contact for the POP 1578 programme. A direct phone number and email address must be provided for this individual. 

Materials and Resources
  • Curious Spark will provide all printable resources and films required to support the sessions 
  • Curious Spark will provide all information required to adequately brief teachers, children and parent/carers before and during the POP 1578 programme
Invoving Parents/Carers 
  • Your school will commit to raising awareness of the project and sharing information (which Curious Spark will provide)
  • Your school will commit to actively recruit parents/carers to participate in the relevant Putting on a Pageant 1578 sessions.